What services do I offer?

As an upcoming artist myself, I understand that it’s not easy to get good exposure.  There are so many companies that offer exposure to audiences that don’t fit your business (music) & many that simply don’t offer quality advertising. With my services, you reach MY fan base personally on different networks. These are people that love music as a whole and interact with the artist’s shares & recommendations.

Please note: I am very selective with my process. Not all artists are accepted into my programs DESPITE any rates involved/offered. I curate my submissions heavily for my fans. They want music I like and recommend, so before I throw music at them I want to make sure I like the artist & their music myself as well. If you don’t get accepted don’t take it wrong. Sometimes artists I LOVE don’t get accepted for various reasons (such as monthly genre restrictions etc.).

If you’re interested in any of my services, rates, or have any inquiries please get in touch with me.

*Please check the status below the gigs to make sure I am not booked and still offering the services at this time. 


With over 13,000+ followers on my Shazam Page, it is a great place to put your music straight in front of my fans. I can update my profile personally with Images, Videos, & of course SHAZAM your song directly.



Spotify is great for music lovers. Thanks to music lovers such as yourself, I have thousands of monthly listeners and fans across the globe. I highlight an artist’s song on my profile each week which could be your song next on the list!




Whether you’re making something for Instagram, YouTube, or the big screen; videos are one thing I personally LOVE. I believe they get people engaged not only with YOU but primarily your music. Something to watch, while listening, will keep someone interested (such as myself). I offer a wide range of video services.

Filming, Editing, Soundtracks, and much more is available.


Classic Advertising

What is Classic Advertising? With so many marketing firms and publishers out there, some times it’s hard to pick. Well, I do what they do straight forward. If you need your name higher on search results or maybe just show your name when someone Googles a big company etc. we can make it happen! How about those YouTube video ads before your video plays that you hate? Well, you can be in one and try to lock down some extra listeners.



I have an awesome team that handles my media and other publication purposes for certain things I am not around to do myself. Since I am an independent artist I don’t have things coming in 24/7, although it’s more than useful to have someone pick up emails that went over my head, merchandising, and much more. One of the bonuses is your music! Having some extra sets of ears (other than friends & families) can go a long way. You need people to tell you what’s wrong with it, if they love it, and so much more. Music Management is a huge task but worth every moment. For that reason, my music management services are LIMITED very heavily. We only work with ONE artist at a time, on a weekly or monthly basis depending on budget, your work-load, and much more.


Please reach out to check on status updates, availability, rates, & inquiries.